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MathEdu Digital – Digitization in Mathematics Teacher Education

Project coordination: Prof. Dr. Astrid Beckmann,

MathEdu Digital – A digitization project at the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd/Germany

Overview, MathEdu Digital teaching concept and digital tools: please scrall down
Publications (pdf, please click here)
Teacher students acquire digital experiences

The students acquire insight and experience via digitized learning elements such as video demonstrations, teaching platform projects, digital libraries, webinars, learning material provided in digital format (LOs learning objects), learning media in inverted classroom appraoches, e-learning and blended-learning formats.

University lecturers get supported

A basic digitization package will be developed/enhanced based on a critical analysis of the potential of and real-life conditions necessary to ensure the success of digitized teaching. This package will make it easier to implement digital learning formats and break down barriers, especially those facing tutors with more modest digital skills.

University Management get hints for the digitization strategy

Experience and results gathered in teaching and research will be used to create a set of instructions that could help promote the ongoing development of the university digitization stretegy in the particular area.

MathEdu Digital teaching concept


  • Learning phase 1: Self- study (video demos, literature and tasks), communication and interactions in students learning groups and exchange and feedback from lecturer on demand
  • Learning phase 2: Face-to-face sessions and/or webinars and/or forum discussion (LMS)
Digital Tools

video demos (audio slide shows),

video portals like Youtube,


LMS – learning management systems including digital libraries and resources for collaborative work such as forums, students folders, email etc,

Tablets equipped with specific software; for interactive usw during face-to-face sessions

literature sources (pdf files and URLs online files)

Webinars: seminars provided online, including presentation and interaction featuring video, audio, group rooms, chat, whiteboard, votes, surveys, etc.